Reasons why businesses use Factoring facilities:

1. Cash flow back into your business

2. Simple on line systems easily managed

3. Debtors are your security (in most cases no Real Estate needed)

4. Discounts can offset costs by Purchases and Bills paid on-time, every-time
Why call me about Debtor Finance?

1.   One inquiry  (all facilities and costs explained at no direct cost to  your firm.)

2.   No nonsense answers

3.  Choice of Invoice Discounting lenders 

4.  Experienced Operator (with client referrals)

Why wait for debtors to pay you!

Commonly debtors are paying around 45 days, and your creditors want their monies 30 days. Save on fees and start making money.

Business's have created the fastest growing finance facility in Australia by cashing in on their invoices. Get up to 80% of your outstanding invoices paid into your bank instead of waiting 30 days plus.
Also have the ability to buy more stock at discounted rates with cash you never had before. For manufacturers and Importers there are facilities that offer 100% trade finance on presold stock as long as you have a debtor finance facility.

Our experienced consultant  helps you get started, with your new chosen facility. This helps your business with any teething problems, that may arrise in the early stages of your new facility.

For a free consultation please either fill out enquiry or contact:

Dianne Goodwin
Debtor Finance & Factoring Consultant
07 5547 8731
0408 058 827
Common names for these facilities:

Invoice Discounting, Invoice funding, Debtor FinanceFactoring, Manifest Quick Pay, Draw down facility, Purchase Order Finance, Trade Finance, Container Finance, and Cashflow Finance. If you need more information about these products, we proudly support Trade Debtor Finance Consultants.

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“The simple way of getting cash flow back into your business”